Ice Spikes and a (Hard to Find) Igloo

Minecraft Ice Spike Seed

Seed: notfirst
Seed Code: 1582691261
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Here’s the latest addition to our Ice Spike Seeds category. The game spawn point is in an ice plains biome overlooking a frozen river. The ice spikes are clearly in sight right upriver. As you make your way toward them you’ll come across a pool of lava (interesting to find in the middle of a cold, snowy biome). At this point you’re relatively close to the igloo. It is difficult to spot, however due to how it is facing and the entrance being partially covered. The coordinates of the igloo are 268 70 147 (at those coordinates you are inside the igloo itself).

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Inside Minecraft Igloo
Inside the Igloo not far from the ice spikes. Coordinates are listed above.

Ice Spike Biome Seed
Some of the ice spikes in this ice spike biome seed.
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