Island Surrounded by Iceberg Flow

Minecraft Iceberg Seed

Seed Code: 2047053153
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Here’s another addition to our collection of aquatic-featured Minecraft Seeds. This Java Edition iceberg seed spawns you on an island which is surrounded by an iceberg flow. To get started enter the seed SECRETEYE (or, by number 2047053153). The island itself is small, but rich with trees for those looking for a survival game. Out in the cold water there is an ocean monument that is easily visible from the island shore, too. In the distance you can also see other islands or shores to explore. We had our render distance cranked up but didn’t fly over to them. Trees are visible as are vines. Don’t forget, this is a 1.13 seed, so if you’re not running 1.13 or higher, you won’t get the icebergs or the monument.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Ocean Iceberg Flow
The ocean has an iceberg flow in this Java Edition seed.

Ocean Monument
The ocean monument is clearly visible from the island shore.
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2 Replies to “Island Surrounded by Iceberg Flow”

  1. Thank you for this seed. Is it ok if i make it into a map i know it is but if you want credit i can give you some just send me an email.

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