Frozen Shipwreck in an Iceberg Filled Biome

Minecraft Shipwreck Seed

Seed: tunefor
Seed Code: -969446959
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Here’s another seed for Minecraft featuring new aquatic features. Enter the seed and when the world renders you’ll be on a small island surrounded by icebergs. Our island had turtles, too. You may or may not get the same companions. From the island you spawn on, if you look directly to the right (south) you’ll see an iceberg and a smaller white-tipped iceberg beside it. Underwater, between these two icebergs you’ll find a shipwreck. It’s a bit hard to spot because it is embedded in the larger iceberg’s underside. You’ll also find turtles and everything else the freshly improved underwater biomes have to offer.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Head south to backside of larger iceberg
To the south, go to backside of the larger iceberg in the middle of the picture.
Shipwreck backside of iceberg on left
Swimming up to the icebergs – the shipwreck is lodged in the one of the left.

Shipwreck in Iceberg
The shipwreck is lodged in the underside of an iceberg.
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4 Replies to “Frozen Shipwreck in an Iceberg Filled Biome”

  1. Uh
    I think Minecraft also has global warming because when I typed in the seed, it was a flourishing forest island, no icebergs.

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