Massive Island w/2 Shipwrecks, Coral Reef [Java] 1.14

Minecraft Island Seed

Seed Code:-1495831249
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


Spawn on a massive island in this Minecraft 1.14 Java Edition Seed. Enter the seed ‘dealviolent’ (or -1495831249). When the world has rendered you’ll be on a large island. The western end, which is where the game spawn point is, is mainly flat plains. There are plenty of sheep, pigs and cows roaming around this end of the island. There is also a shipwreck off shore. Looking out into the ocean by the shipwreck then turning toward the southeast you’ll see the coral reef biome stretches quite far.

The two halves of the island are connected by a thinner neck. At that connecting area the biome changes to hilly forest. On the far eastern edge of the island the forest continues and we saw wolves there, too. Like the western end, the eastern end has a shipwreck just offshore, too.


Flat Island, Shipwreck, Plains
West from spawn is the first shipwreck. This side of the island is flat plains for the most part.
Shipwreck, Beach, Coral Reef
The first shipwreck again, this time looking out toward the large coral reef biome.
Island, Shipwreck, Forest, Wolves
The eastern side of the island has a second shipwreck, forest and wolves.
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