Minecraft Snapshot Teases Parrots and more!

What’s next for the desktop version of Minecraft? Well, there seems to be quite a bit happening.  Jens Bergensten advice over on the official Minecraft site is “try it yourself.” Here’s what can be decrypted from his blog post the post on the Minecraft subreddit.

UPDATE: Minecraft Java Edition 1.12 has been released!

Minecraft 1.12 Changes per Snapshot 17W13A

  • /advancement replaces /achievement
  • Advancements replacing the outgoing Achievements
  • Data-driven crafting (possibly aiming for parity with Pocket Edition)
  • Narrator Mode does text-to-speech translation (CTRL+B)
  • Parrots introduced as a new mob
  • Parrots only spawn in jungle biomes
  • Parrots tamable with cookies
  • Parrots will remain with a player flying with Elytra Wings
  • Right-clicking a Parrot perches it on your shoulder
  • Several bug fixes
  • Several new bugs introduced
  • UI Enhancements

Parrots are great and all, but of everything listed above the most intensive change looks to be the data-driven crafting. The new approach hints at closer parity with the mobile version of Minecraft with the mention of many JSON files.

Minecraft Seeds and 1.12

Based on the nature of the updates coming in 1.12 it looks as though any other PC/Mac Minecraft seed that worked in 1.10 or 1.11 should produce the same result in version 1.12. We bet jungle seeds will get very popular, however!

As more snapshots are announced we’ll keep you posted!

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