Beautiful, Large Coral Reef

Minecraft Coral Reef Seed

Seed Code: 538502489
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


While every coral reef is beautiful, not every one is this large. Enter the seed ‘HOURWAIT’ (538502489). Once the world has generated you’ll be on a very small island. Offshore is the large reef we speak of. There’s plenty of colorful underwater creatures and coral, dolphins and tropical fish. Explore enough and you’ll also find an ocean monument and entrances to underwater caves. On the spawn island itself you’ll find one of the most compact land-based ravines we’ve seen. It goes from end-to-end of the tiny island, splitting it in two. This seed actually might make one of the better survival island seeds we’ve seen in some time. A Minecraft Java Edition 1.13+ Seed.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Large Coral Reef Seed
The large coral reef can be seen beyond the spawn island.

Beautiful Coral Reef Underwater
Going underwater just beyond the island reveals the reef’s beauty.
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  1. There are diamonds, gold, iron, obsidian and an entrance to an abandoned mine, in the coordinates: -271/12/40 will be in the depth of a cave system.I recommend you take a pick and an iron sword and many torches.

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