Villagers Farming Underground Seed

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed: simsalad
Seed Code: 488110602
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


This is a first. When we spawned we thought the seed was cool because there was an awesome ravine where we stood. Then we saw the village. Then we saw that the villagers were farming underground! Enter the seed ‘simsalad’ with Minecraft 1.13 or higher to give things a look. Once you jump down to the underground farm plot you’ll see that it’s inside an underground ravine. That ravine connects to a series of larger, longer ravines. There’s easy ore (we saw coal, iron and gold) on the walls of the ravine, too. The biome mix is nice, too. There’s roofed forest and plains as well as swamp and birch forest nearby.
Featured on YouTube by akirby80

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Spawn Ravine
We spawned at the edge of this ravine.
NPC Village
The NPC village is a few dozen blocks away from the spawn point.

Underground Ravines
The underground farm leads to massive underground ravines.
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