Snow Villages, Ice Spikes, Lonely Igloo and Lapis [1.14]

Minecraft Snow Village Seed

Seed Code:1372204
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


There’s a lot of 1.14 goodness in this Minecraft Seed for Java Edition. The game starts you staring at a snow village. There’s a nice variety of buildings and the various crafting tables that come with them. If you dig directly beneath the village center you’ll find both coal and lapis lazuli just before hitting bedrock.

Northeast of the village there is an ice spike biome. After entering it, if you head due east you’ll come across a lonely igloo by itself. Continuing further east reveals a second snow village. Like the first, there’s a variety of new village buildings, professions and crafting equipment. If you find anything else of note please leave coordinates in the comments below!


Ice Spike Igloo
Head northeast from the first village and you’ll come across an ice spike biome with an igloo.
Igloo and Ice Spike Biome
Between the first and second village, off in the ice spikes biome, there’s a lone igloo.
Second Snow Village
The second snow village is due east of the igloo among the ice spikes.


  • Snow Village #1: 160,, -224
  • Snow Village #2: 784,, -352
  • Igloo: 529,, -411

User Rating 3.93 (15 votes)

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