Swampside Village with Iron Stash

Minecraft Swamp Seed

Seed: brobro
Seed Code: 150377317
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


In this Minecraft seed you spawn close to a swampside village. Enter the seed and wait for world render to complete. Looking to the southeast you’ll see the village. It’s situated on a river’s shore across from a swamp biome. The village itself is in a taiga (forest) biome. The village blacksmith has a good stash of iron goods including 8 iron ingots, an iron pickaxe and an iron sword. Beyond those great iron goods you’ll also find diamond horse armor and a half-dozen obsidian blocks. We didn’t explore too much but did notice that there is more iron in the ground beneath the village. There’s also a cave entrance by the village church. In that cave we found good amounts of both coal and iron. View all the swamp seeds we have on file.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Cave by Village Church
The cave by the village’s church has plenty of iron and coal to mine.

River, Swamp Biome and Village
The river, swamp biome and village from game spawn.
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