Dark Oak Island Village

Minecraft Island Seed

Seed: OHGO
Seed Code: 2424961
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Island seeds are great. What’s even better is when it’s an island village. In this PC/Mac seed you spawn on a very small island that is dotted with dark oak trees. What you won’t be able to miss is the village on the island. It’s practically as big as the island itself! It’s big enough that a farm plots and some NPC buildings are actually on the water. As far as structures go the village has a church and blacksmith. The blacksmith is definitely worth checking out. Chest loot includes three diamonds, an iron chestplate as well as a few loaves of bread.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Island, Village, Ocean
The island village takes up more than the area of the island itself.

Village Blacksmith Chest
The village blacksmith has some emeralds and an iron chestplate.
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15 Replies to “Dark Oak Island Village”

  1. There are also 10 Sea Temples in this seed that I have found. All Y-points at 70.
    X 216 Z 1079
    X -745 Z 1079
    X 760 Z 647
    X -249 Z 1320
    X 2071 Z 712
    X 2183 Z 1271
    X 3736 Z 1831
    X -1241 Z 1383
    X -985 Z 1719
    X 2792 Z 2312
    An Igloo can be found at X -756 Z -285 Y 65
    I’ll post more if I find them. Have fun!

    1. It still works for 1.13 except for the blacksmith and church are gone but has a library now. there’s two shipwrecks nearby with 3 chests each with a total of 16 emeralds, along with gold, iron, treasure maps etc.

  2. Those aren’t Dark Oak Trees. Those are spruce trees. Please do your research before you start claiming things that aren’t true. Thanks.

    1. 1.13.2 works without the blacksmith and church. at spawn look out towards the sea and head straight out or a little to the left i believe.

  3. I tried it right now and it works just fine, brilliant seed, thx for posting 2.20pm British UK time 29 March 2019

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