Survival Island, two Offshore Shipwrecks

Minecraft Shipwreck Seed

Seed: alloffline
Seed Code: -1822184158
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


This Shipwreck seed for Minecraft Java Edition spawns you on an isolated island in the deep ocean. To get to the shipwreck you head south and just slightly east. The shipwreck is fairly deep, so the first time you find it you might want to do so in creative mode as it isn’t visible from the ocean surface. The coordinates of the first maritime disaster are -176, , -140. This is the one in the image below. The second shipwreck is located at -176, ,-400 and is pictured in the image above. This one is on it’s side and not quite as deep as the first. The seed makes a fun survival island seed, too. The spawn island provides some grass and a single tree to start your game with.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Spawn Island
The survival island spawn.

The first shipwreck (-176, ,-140) in this Java Edition seed.
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