Evil Shattered Savanna Seed (Java Edition)

Minecraft Savanna Seed

Seed: doctorleft
Seed Code: -1695166490
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.14


We had never seen a true shattered savanna biome in Minecraft and hoped to come across a cool one. This is hopefully the first of many. This savanna mountain looks absolutely evil. Check it out: enter the seed ‘doctorleft’ or use the seed number -1695166490 (with the minus sign) in Minecraft 1.13 or higher for PC/Mac.

From the spawn point spin around until you see the shattered savanna mountain. It reaches far higher than the clouds and massive chunks of the structure have been honed out. Inside the massive caves and overhands you’ll find beautiful waterfalls, shelf pools and lava flows. This would make an epic base of operations for a survival game.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Extreme Savanna Mountain
View of the extreme savanna mountain from game spawn point.
Shattered Savanna Ravine
There’s ravines on approach to the shattered savanna biome.
Shattered Savanna Biome - Inside
One of the many awesome caves/overhangs in the biome.

Minecraft Java Seed - Shattered Savanna
A closer view of the intricate, evil looking biome.
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10 Replies to “Evil Shattered Savanna Seed (Java Edition)”

  1. you have to turn around first but there is a lot of possibilities for great builds but it has to be on 1.13 ony

    1. Yeah, we were considering building a starting base, creating a storyline and making an adventure to package up as a downloadable map. Does anyone play those anymore?

  2. I tried this on Minecraft 1.14.2 Pre-Release 2 and it worked for me. You don’t spawn on top of the mountains but you have to walk/fly north a few blocks (not far).

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